An African-American CPAC Can Embrace

As Charlie Cook underlines how disproportionately white the GOP has become since redistricting, and as a minority outreach session degenerates into an argument about the virtues of slavery and segregation, National Review actually runs a post about the greatest thing about CPAC this year: the shoe shine:

Dino Wright, manager and owner of the shoe-shine booth, has worked at the hotel since it opened five years ago.  CPAC and events like it boost business for Wright. He says he thinks it’s because he “provides a very important service to this very image-conscious group.”

Wright began shining shoes after the airline he once worked for defaulted on its pension obligations, driving him to find a source of income in retirement.

“I was able to create a pension for myself by creating an entrepreneurial activity,” Wright says. He noticed that fewer people were entering the shoe-shining profession, and “I saw that as an entrepreneurial opportunity” – an ethic that sits well with the CPAC crowd.

And then the photograph:

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 6.33.41 PM

And scene.