The Passion Of David Kuo

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His wife, Kim, tells us the latest news:

After breaking his ribs, David’s health deteriorated rapidly, and Thursday (nearly 3 weeks ago) we re-admitted him to the hospital. They ran a number of tests, and found that the tumor had grown quickly – now on both sides of the brain. He had a great deal of swelling as well. For 2 or 3 days, we spent talking, sobbing, praying, and deciding whether to do any further treatments. Without treatment, he would have two months to live. There was no promise any treatment would work, it was simply month to month monitoring. And we had to balance potential extension of life, with how much his body could take and what negative side-effects could happen. As well as expense, and overall burden on our family.

So, he ultimately decided to “throw everything we had left” at the tumor. Things were going very well for about a week. He moved out of the hospital into the rehab center, and experienced more strength and motion in his left arm and leg than he’d had since surgery.

Then on Sunday, he started experiencing severe head and neck pain, and got a fever. Over the next two days, our angelic doctor stepped in and got him back into the hospital, and yesterday into ICU. His pain was off the charts – worse than any surgery. He had a fever, was nauseous, and overall just in bad shape. This morning, he had to do a surgery to try to wash out an infection around the surgical area, and they confirmed he had meningitis. It was an excruciating day. Watching that level of suffering – even after all we’ve been through – was too much. He was writhing in pain, and mumbling incoherently unless he could eke out “help me, help me” which meant he needed pain meds.

His body has just been through too much. Over the next 2-3 days, we’ll be able to figure out if he snaps back and could consider a lighter course of treatment (one in particular “Avastin” really seemed to work well on the tumor). But if he struggles to recover from the meningitis, he won’t be able to do any tumor treatments. So, we would be back to the 2 month prognosis.

So, please pray for his comfort and peace. For discernment, and definitely for supernatural peace to overwhelm Aidan and Olivia as we tell them the full weight of this for the first time. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write again.

Please pray for David and for Kim, and his children Aidan and Olivia. They all now desperately need our love.