Not Just Civil Rights; Civil Responsibilities


More than a decade or so ago, in the Weekly Standard, David Frum warned that if we gay activists kept up the campaign for marriage equality, he would favor putting more police power behind enforcing sodomy laws. Today, he stood in front of the Supreme Court and gave a speech. Money quote:

Marriage is a source of great joy. But – and I speak as one who’ll celebrate a 25th anniversary this summer – it’s also a solemn undertaking: an undertaking to care for another person, to nurse that person when ill, to sustain her or him in time of trouble, to raise children together, to provide for those children, to mourn when it comes time to mourn.

No agency of government can ever begin to do for anyone what loving spouses do for each other. The stronger our families are, of every kind of family, the less government we’ll need.

Today your families gather before this house of the law to claim the right to live as others do, without shame and without fear. The mind of a nation is changing. It’s an awesome thing to see – and to be part of. Your words – your actions -and your example have power. And will overcome.

And with David’s help – along with increasing numbers of principled conservatives – we will. And in many ways already have.