Email Of The Day

A reader writes:

I graduated a year before Dzhokhar who we all knew as Jahar, and while I wasn’t very close with him, I knew him fairly well. While it seems like every time this happens people say I can’t believe this happened, this truly is a case where the personality and the behavior don’t seem to match up. Jahar was quiet, but fairly social. I played basketball with him on numerous times, he came to parties, smoked weed with me and many of my friends and was always cheerful.

My feeling is that the reason that Jahar was involved has entirely to do with his brother. I’ve maybe met his brother once, but his brother used to be a good friend of my friend’s brother. I remember hearing recently that he had settled down, had a child, and had become fairly religious but didn’t think anything of it. Given that his brother essentially raised him I think this is an awful case of evil being perpetuated because of the trust and love Jahar had for his brother. I only pray that more bloodshed doesn’t come from this awful set of tragedies.

The reader also identifies this account as Dzhokhar’s Twitter account. The tweet above was sent from it the day of the bombing. Gawker takes a closer look at the account.