Kas Thomas debunks the scientific-sounding claims that food rich in antioxidants fight aging and disease:

[A]fter 60 years of intensive research into antioxidants, with billions of dollars spent looking for nutrients that can retard cell aging, not a single antioxidant compound has been found that can extend human life. In fact, in a shocking number of human trials, antioxidants (beta carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin A) have actually increased all-cause mortality. The Free Radical/Oxidative Stress Theory (like Ancient Astronaut Theory) is founded on correlation, supposition, and a nice-sounding story—and not much else. Its core assumption, namely that the buildup of Reactive Oxygen Species in normal tissues is the main driver of aging, is contradicted by the findings of Pérez et al. and many others. At this point the theory can and should be considered discredited. If research into aging has proven one thing, it’s that in order to live longer, your best strategy isn’t to eat more antioxidants. It’s to eat less—of everything.