The Web That Was


Angela Watercutter digs into the addictive site Internet Archaeology, which houses various images and websites from the early days of the Information Superhighway:

Political junkies looking to relive the Clinton years might want to scoot over to the Dole/Kemp ’96 site and its GIF of a steaming cup of coffee next to a link marked “News Room.” Science fans can visit Venus – the site for a CERN project aimed at simulating the Large Hadron Collider in virtual reality long before it actually existed. Venus was terminated in 1996, but its site lives on – along with a peculiar note advising “some icons were mangled using Pixelsight.” News junkies can stumble upon the site for Heaven’s Gatethe religious group built on a belief in UFOs that lost 39 members in a mass suicide in 1997; and fans of irony will be happy to know that is a site for, yes, ghost towns that (as of this writing) had only been visited 406 times since March 1998.