Not Your Father’s Cannabis

Marijuana Potency

Gavin McInnes tried some high-potency pot, had a bad trip, and wrote an article about it while baked. The conclusion:

I have always been pro-legalization, but what I just endured has made me reconsider the whole discussion. When they talked about legalization in the 80s and 90s, they kept saying it was just like having a few beers and it was. Today, while advocates push the medicinal angle, the benign drug they’re defending has morphed into a heavy drug. It’s been an hour and a half since I looked death in the face and cried. I am obviously still incredibly high. I’m so high, in fact, that I no longer see legalization of marijuana as such a no brainer. The debate has shifted to, “Should we legalize a really, really heavy drug?”

It’s never a good idea to write and publish something while stoned. Mike Riggs rolls his eyes:

I can’t bring myself to feel bad for McInnes. He hadn’t used marijuana in years, and yet he intentionally chose “a very strong strain” and to consume it by taking a “big rip off a bong,” not in spite of his colleagues telling him pot is stronger than it used to be, but because they told him that. If he just wanted to take this new marijuana for a spin, he could’ve nibbled a bit of edible, taken a modest pull off a vaporizer, or bought a milder strain. Instead, he chose the equivalent of butt-chugging two shots of Bacardi 151, and then turned that bad decision into a disjointed screed against legalization, when really it’s just a cautionary tale about over-doing it.

(Chart from a White House fact-sheet (pdf) on marijuana)