Surge Fail Update


Much of David Petraeus’ reputation lies with his vaunted “surge” in Iraq, which neocons hailed as the way forward to a multi-sectarian government. Senator John McCain keeps calling it a success. It was a success in taking advantage of a lull in an exhausted civil war – plus a lot of bribes – to get us out of there with some kind of dignity. But the civil war is now re-starting in earnest. Today alone, over 70 people were killed in sectarian bomb attacks.

(Photo: Iraqi medics attend to a wounded man at a hospital in Fallujah, west of Baghdad, on May 17, 2013 following a bomb blast in a coffee shop. Bombs targeting Sunnis, including two near a mosque and one at a funeral procession, killed 67 people across Iraq, officials said, after dozens died in two days of attacks on Shiites. By Azhar Shallal/AFP/Getty Images.)