An Islamist Beheading In Britain, Ctd

Investigations Continue Into The Brutal Street Killing Of A British Soldier

A reader balances this reader’s rage:

I am a Muslim and I was never taught that violence is acceptable. I went to a mosque to study Quran between the ages of 7 and 9. All I know about Islam is to forgive, be patient, love your family, friends, neighbor and be good to people. What the pope says is awesome and most Muslims I know are following just that. The prophet taught humility, forgiveness and love. He forgave people who treated him badly and forgave people who killed his family members. There are a lot of “mullahs” who preach jihad (which doesn’t necessary mean kill the infidel, more like that struggle for the better society with your words, your pen and deeds). The violence that is perpetuated is wrong and is not true to the core of Islam.

It seems Islam is going through its Dark Ages, where lack of education and a confusion of tradition with religion in Muslim countries is causing their people to be manipulated by false sermons of violence against the West as some good deed when it’s a sin and a sin alone.

All I know about Islam is that killing a human being is as if killing the whole humanity. The mindless menace of violence has a grip over the Muslim world right now and hopefully with a better-educated younger generation, where people like me can disagree, will help improve this problem. Killing in the name of “the most merciful and benevolent” God (Allah) is not true. The merciful god in Quran says that no human has a right to take another’s life as it is not his to take, even his own. Muslims aren’t even allowed to commit suicide. Combining that with killing innocent people is beyond my capacity to understand.

Islam is not a monolith. Westboro Baptist Church does not represent every Christian. These people who killed an innocent person in Bahrain are no Muslims; they are Muslims in name and have committed a grave sin against their fellow human being and god.


A reader wrote, “X number of bombs and deaths a year is a normal part of modern life that only unmanly hysterics bother to get upset about. This is something we have never actually experienced in the civilized world.” This is simply not true.  This reader acknowledges that “[p]ast revolutionary groups killed hostages, planted bombs and committed all manner of violent mayhem to try and destabilize the societies they hated.”  There have been bombings and killings going on in the United States – even suicide bombings – throughout the history of this country and unrelated to Islamism.  The killing in London is a terrible tragedy, but so is this one, and this one, and this one, and these two, and all the rest of these.

Those lefty Muslim apologists at Townhall have listed the 10 worst bombings in U.S. history.  Only one of them (1993 WTC bomb, coming in at #10) was committed by Islamists (another remains unsolved). If violent radical Islam magically ceased to exist today, there would still be “X number of bombs and deaths a year.”  That’s not to say that Islamist terror is somehow excusable, just that your reader may in fact be a “hysteric” on the subject.

(Photo: Flowers lay outside Woolwich Barracks on May 23, 2013 in London, England. By Dan Kitwood/Getty Images.)