Lie For The Day


“We knew that a fair and balanced news channel could succeed, as long as no views were rejected and conservative views were allowed to be heard,” – Roger Ailes, propagandist with a blacklist of forbidden guests, whose actual names are even airbrushed out of screen shots.

He also launched a tirade against ignorance of American history:

America is losing its historic literacy. Recently some 556 seniors surveyed at 55 of the nation’s top colleges — only 60 percent placed the American Civil War in the correct half of the 19th century. Only 34 percent identified George Washington as the American general at the Battle of Yorktown. Thirty-four percent thought it was Ulysses S. Grant.

The next day, he announced he was hiring this historical expert:

Do you think she’s ever even heard of the Battle of Yorktown, let alone who was the US general there? But she just got a reward from the man who pretends to be anguished about American culture, even as he does his level best to destroy it.