The Best Of The Dish Today

frc-on-our-knees-gay-marriageThe Christianist right unveiled their new slogan for overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality which, as is their wont, appears to include a dude giving a blowjob. “On our knees” for America elevates it; “I’m in” puts it way over the top. Congrats to the obvious mole in the Family Research Council who has been at this for ever. Not since Tea-baggers …

A paraplegic surfed; a moderate, conservative Justice maneuvered; I recalled Bill Clinton’s record as the most substantively and legislatively anti-gay president in history; the Inspector General of the IRS was caught in a possibly perjurious comment which effectively exposed the IRS “scandal” as an invention by … Darrell Issa for Roger Ailes. And the Catholic Bishops, in a rare moment of moral leadership, called on the president to end the forced-feeding at GTMO . Where were they when prisoners were being, you know, tortured?

The most popular post of the day was my reaction to the SCOTUS ruling on marriage, “I Believe”; the second most popular was my call for the IRS IG to resign.

See you in the morning.