Has Greenwald Crossed The Line? Ctd

A reader quotes me:

Bragging about their capacity to blackmail or terrify their own government seems, well, at best hyperbolic, and when the threat is made in a foreign newspaper, disturbing.

Worse. By announcing to the entire planet that if any country or faction or war lord or cartel kingpin or terrorist organization or highly-motivated anti-gummint nutjob on Earth wants to see the United States humiliated and its most intimate secrets splashed all over the media and all they have to do is kill one guy, Glenn has effectively hung a target around Snowden’s neck.

Glenn emailed the Dish to dispute the “Reuters article [that] wildly distorted what I said in that interview.” Another reader:

Greenwald says (1) that Snowden took the “blueprints” because they’re necessary in order to prove “that what he was saying was true,” but (2) that Snowden doesn’t want the blueprints to be disclosed. But how can Snowden rely on the documents to corroborate what he’s saying unless he discloses them?