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Climate Opinion

Sadly, America is home to far more climate skeptics than the global average:

According to Pew, 40 percent of Americans call climate change a “major threat.” The people most concerned about climate change are the Greeks, 87 percent of whom call it a major threat; so do 85 percent of South Koreans, 76 percent of Brazilians and 74 percent of Lebanese. The average, among the surveyed countries, is 54 percent.

Americans divide closely along partisan lines on the issue. According to Pew, only 22 percent of self-identified Republicans call climate change a major threat, but the number among self-identified Democrats is 55 percent, just above the survey’s global average. In comparative terms, Democrats are about as likely fear climate change as do Canadians and Germans; Republicans’ views are more akin to Egyptians or Israelis.