Hewitt Award Nominee

“President Obama will negotiate with the Syrian butcher Assad and erase his red line, will capitulate to Vladimir Putin, and he will negotiate with the happy face of the killer regime in Iran, President Rouhani, but not with Republicans over issues all presidents have always negotiated over,” – Hugh Hewitt. (Award glossary here.)

It’s worth noting Hewitt’s constant lies. What president has ever “negotiated” repealing a duly enacted law because one faction in one House has decided that it will shut down the government and destroy the US and global economy if he doesn’t? When has such a thing ever happened before? What are the Republicans offering in return? Nothing but the maintenance of basic government functions. As Ponnuru has noted:

Many [House Republicans] want to force President Barack Obama to make major changes to his health-care law, and in return give him nothing but the debt-limit increase. There is no precedent for the satisfaction of such demands.

In contrast, Hewitt baldly states that all presidents have always done this. Hewitt is not a fool, just one of the most shame-free liars and propagandists in the public arena. And he intends to keep lying, to keep calling this the Democrats‘ shutdown, to keep repeating lies until they can gain some patina of truth among his followers.