Chart Of The Day

Most Americans have no idea that the deficit is falling:

Deficit Poll

Derek Thompson captions:

The point isn’t that Americans are stupid. They have busy lives and concerns that have nothing to do with the annual gap between taxes and outlays. Instead, the point is that public-opinion polls don’t belong on the same plane as facts and informed analysis, because they qualify as neither. … Public polls are a fine gauge of public opinion, but they’re not to be treated as a barometer of reality. Pretending otherwise mixes up the regurgitated misinformation of readers with the careful analysis of people who are in the business of busting misinformation.

Americans are also terrible at estimating the number of jobs added:

In the past twelve months, the U.S. has added 2.2 million jobs. And even though most respondents knew that unemployment has gone down, the average estimated number of jobs added was a mere 305,000.