The Latest In Corporate Speak

A comical dose of those “vague media-marketing-consultant-collective businesses that never explain what they actually do”:

Meanwhile, corporate offices are welcoming a wave of sherpas:

The job title shows up as a branding tool: strategy sherpa and ideas sherpas; on Twitter and LinkedIn there’s the Gym Sherpa, the Human Resources Sherpa, the Tech Sherpa, and a startup sherpa or two, as well as quite a few social media sherpas. The Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development has two staff members with sherpa in their titles, including its chief of staff Gabriela Ramos. Hannah Morgan has been known as the Career Sherpa since 2008. “One reason the sherpa term has become hip is because it sounds less arrogant than expert or guru. And it sounds more unique than ‘guide,’” said Morgan.

Actual sherpas in the Himalayas have the deadliest service job in the world.