Tough Question Of The Day

Hard to beat this from TNR’s Isaac Chotiner to Senator Chuck Schumer:

Are you worried that your old colleague John Kerry has gotten ahead of himself with these Iran negotiations?

Seriously. As Schumer is spear-heading a sabotage of the negotiations with Iran, and echoing, word for word, the apocalyptic rhetoric of Bibi Netanyahu, he gets a question like that from a Democratic party magazine. Extra special bonus:

IC: Kerry had some pretty harsh comments on Israel the other day.

CS: Yeah, I saw that. I thought that was a mistake.

This was the mistake: “Kerry said that Israel’s attachment to its settlements shows that the country is ‘perhaps … not really serious’ about wanting peace.”

That’s worth noting in case you ever thought that TNR’s protestations that they oppose West Bank settlements aren’t several courics in weight. And then another classic TNR twofer: they get a former member of the Israeli National Security Council to attack Peter Beinart, a former editor of the magazine who has dared to question Israel’s belligerence and intransigence these past years. Beinart’s sin was to argue that there is a blinkered debate among American Jews about the realities of the Jewish state. The irony of a hatchet-job on him to say that all is well appears lost on them.

There was some thought that Chris Hughes might actually bring some air and oxygen to the magazine’s relentlessly predictable coverage of the Middle East, when he bought the magazine from Marty Peretz. Ha!