“With My Daddy In The Attic”

Weird, isn’t it, that song-writer Dory Previn would write a song with that title:

In 1968, Farrow had an affair with the conductor and composer Andre Previn. Previn’s wife, the songwriter Dory Previn, discovered the affair when Farrow became pregnant with Andre Previn’s child. Dory divorced Andre, and shortly afterwards Farrow married him. At this time Dory Previn released an album of songs that included “With My Daddy in The Attic,” which appears to be an incest fantasy about a girl and her father having trysts in an attic.

And then there are the lyrics. A reader adds:

Yes, Dylan Farrow’s anguish and pain can be reconciled that the evidence at the time showed that she was being coached and that there was no physical evidence of abuse with her current anguish.  It is simply that children – and adults – can be led to create memories that are not true.  Here is a listing of the daycare hysterias that have swept the country. Here is an academic paper on the issue on the case of Kelly Michaels.

In almost all of those cases, the child was led into making false accusations and what happened is that those accusations became their memory. They still suffer as victims of child abuse, but their stories have long-since been discredited.  They did suffer child abuse, but it was not at the hands of the accused, but at the hands of the accusers.  Yes, I do think that Mia Farrow is the abuser in this case, not Allen.  Her daughter was the victim of her venom.

This version reconciles all known facts.  Yes, a tragedy, but one made worse now by your – and many other – careless accusations against Mr. Allen.

I am a feminist who worked in the anti-rape movement in my 20s and used to think that one should “believe the women” and “believe the children” as a matter of course.  The subsequent history of false accusations starting with the daycare panic, and extending into the adults accusing parents of child abuse through therapist suggestions. You simply don’t seem to be aware of this possibility, which suggests a hole in your education, and without bringing it up as a possibility, you are being irresponsible to Mr. Allen.

I am very much aware of that possibility. The tragedy in this case is that we have to choose between child abuse by one parent and child abuse by the other. The only thing we can really know is that Dylan Farrow is in extreme pain, and that she deserves our respect and tenderness for that reason alone.