The Things We Carry

For the short documentary Pockets, director James Lees asked Londoners to reveal their cargo to the camera. Natalie Rose Obank praises the film’s style:

The sound edit … plays quite a nice part to the film. The music itself is quite light-hearted but noticeable. It creates an atmosphere for the audiences, just as to the setting of the work – where these people are, just out on a street. The background atmos track is plain and simple, this doesn’t distract the view from the main purpose of the film, which is what each person in the shot presents. In the edit, I noticed that throughout, the interviews don’t always show a full face, but focus on a particular feature of that person (if it’s important) sometimes it would jump cut from a standard documentary set up and then only show the side of a face. … [I]t almost gives the audience a surprise as the styles of shots change. It keeps the film interesting throughout and also promotes people’s individuality.

(Hat tip: Aeon Film)