Hewitt Award Nominee

A reader in North Carolina flags a disturbing fundraising letter:

IMG_1209_2Not much shocks me anymore. I know how the right feels about Obama. They’ve made that clear. So when I received an envelope from my congressman, I almost trashed it like I do all the others. Still, since “no less than Western civilization” was apparently hanging in the balance, I thought I should read it. It’s mostly a fundraising screed filled with the usual apocalyptic Tea Party claptrap. Then, I got to this part of the letter [embedded below]:

You see, I am already on the front lines, taking seriously my oath of office: to defend the U.S. Constitution — and you and your fellow Americans — against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And for that I am being attacked from all sides, including from my fellow Republicans. My friend, make no mistake, Barack Obama is Enemy Number One!


As you can read from the envelope, this is a letter from Congressman Robert Pittenger, Chairman of the Congressional Taskforce on Terrorism & Unconventional Warfare. So, if the chairman of this taskforce has found, no doubt after much hard work and research, that our president is the number one enemy of our country (apparently outranking al Qaeda), then isn’t this breaking news? What does he propose should be done to Enemy Number One? (The letter goes on to discuss Obama’s “Islamo-Communist upbringing,” really just icing the cake.)

I don’t know that I’ve ever read one of these political fundraising letters from a member of Congress of either party that declared the President of the United States to be “Enemy Number One.” I suppose some things still shock me after all.

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