Face Of The Day


Photographer Francis Wade spoke to Feature Shoot about his series on third-generation Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange:

Another thing I struggle to comprehend is why the US won’t apologize for the Agent Orange campaign. It’s given $43 million for a clean-up operation, but that seems very little when compared with the scale of the problem. I’ve heard people argue that we should move on and focus efforts on cleaning up, rather than assigning blame, but I think it’s important that Vietnamese understand the history and causes of this problem, and for the US, it may make them think twice about chemical warfare—bear in mind that nearly four decades on from the Vietnam War, the US in 2004 used chemical weapons on the Iraqi city of Fallujah and, like Vietnam, the population there continues to be afflicted by its legacy, in the form of abnormally high rates of cancer.

Wade wrote about his experience in Vietnam here. See more of his work here.