Yes, Mormons Can Be Funny

A parody of an LDS childrens’ book meets the Mormon prohibition on facial hair. It’s from the BunYion, at BYU:


The comments are a trip:

It saddens me that the men of the church are addicted to beards. I recently heard that Utah leads the nation in subscriptions to “Beard Aficionado” magazine. Some may justify their addiction by saying beards are “natural” that “no one is getting hurt” or that I only grow “soft” beards and not “hard” beards. However, once you grow a beard you don’t know what future happiness will be forfeited. Remember the story that was told in General Conference about the young woman who refused to marry a young man because, in the past, the young man had a beard? Sin has consequences!


For all of those facial hair lovers, please know that there is still hope. For sometime I struggled with “beard or no beard” I would play on the edge with mustaches, goatees, and I even attempted a handlebar at one point. Just to see what it was like….

After sometime I noticed something missing in my life. I was with some friends and I noticed they all seemed to be happy and I couldn’t tell why. Then I realized it, they all were clean shaven! I went home that very night and threw away all my beard trimming equipment, found an old razor, and shaved off those vile hairs. Oh the silky smooth feeling of redemption. If you feel manly, awesome, and/ or like you could survive a zombie apocalypse with only a crowbar you don’t have to stay that way. Shave off your beard and go from looking like a man to a boy in a matter of minutes. Shave brethren, shaving is the answer.