Ask Me Anything: Ready For Hillary?

You asked, I answered:

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On the latest proof that a Clinton doesn’t really change, Hillary’s inability to own her own anti-gay past, apologize, explain and move forward is still dogging her proto-campaign. As Nate Silver notes, Clinton’s support “on moral and religious grounds” for banning marriage equality for gay couples might have been politically expedient, but it was out of sync with the demographic Clinton is in:


So when women in Clinton’s demographic were roughly between 60 percent and 80 percent likely to back marriage equality (1996), Clinton was backing the Defense of Marriage Act. Or to put it another way, Clinton fits into the ten-to-fifteen percent in her demographic most hostile to marriage equality over time. She can’t really win, of course. But the idea that she has ever risked an iota of her own power to back the equality of gays and lesbians is preposterous. That some gays still regard her as a savior says a lot more about their own delusions and diva-fantasies than anything approaching reality.

Update from a reader:

Not EVERYONE is waiting for you to have an epiphany about Hillary Clinton. As far as I’m concerned, you can wait as long as you like. The really upsetting thing to me is how her presence appears to be depressing any other Democrat from considering a presidential run. Are we not to be presented with any other options? Is it only to be Hillary or nothing? Can it really be that the fractious Democratic Party, which often yields eight or more candidates in a primary, will simple roll over and die for another Clinton? It makes me want to lie down …