Clinton’s Latest Drivel

Hillary Clinton Addresses National Automobile Dealers Association Convention

Behold her explanation for why she refused for such an endless time to concede she had been wrong on Iraq:

I knew some of the young people who were there and I was very close to one Marine lieutenant who lead a mixed platoon of Americans and Iraqis in the first battle for Fallujah. So I felt like I couldn’t break faith with them. Maybe that doesn’t make sense to anybody else but me, but that’s how I felt about it. So I kept temporizing and I kept avoiding saying it because I didn’t want there to be any feeling that I was backing off or undercutting my support for this very difficult mission in Iraq.

She was supporting the troops by backing an impossible mission – and then refusing to reconsider! If that sounds like a neocon, you’re not wrong. She’s also going out on a limb naming her favorite book: the Bible. If that sounds like George W Bush, you’re not wrong. I’m with Damon:

Despite sharing her husband’s poll-driven risk aversion, Hillary Clinton has never played the game on his level, and her vulnerability to backlash against gratuitous displays of patent insincerity is already becoming glaringly apparent. Twice within the last week, she’s made a fool of herself by presenting a carefully crafted, overly fastidious, and utterly unconvincing version of her opinions. This kind of thing is going to get old very fast if it continues over the (God help us) nearly 29 months between now and November 2016.

Her political skills are legendarily poor. And yet our only hope for keeping the lunatic party out of the White House is a charm-challenged political amateur.

(Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty.)