Face Of The Day

by Dish Staff


David Samuel Stern creates dizzying portraits by weaving together two separate vellum prints:

This way of abstracting the images does not only offer his subjects a way to hide within themselves, but also turns digital photography into physical objects by adding geometric texture. Being poets, choreographers, artists or programmers, all of the models featured in “Woven Portraits” are creative types in their own field.

How one of Stern’s models described his reaction to first seeing the woven portrait a few years ago:

I find it interesting; it captures some kind of duality, or time/motion – reminiscent of Francis Bacon’s portraits, even in it’s literal hard edged grid. I like how the image fluctuates, it almost forces me not to focus. And in fact, while looking at it I like to actually take my eyes in and out of focus, the piece seems to encourage viewing through multiple ways of perceiving with the eye.

See more of Stern’s work here.