Quote For The Day

“I walk back up. ‘Did you push my sister?’ And some guy gets up, pushes me down on the grass, drags me across the grass. ‘You slut, you fucking cunt, you fucking this.’ I get back up, he pushes me down on the grass again. And I have my five year old, they took my $300 sunglasses, they took my fucking shoes, and I’m just left here? A guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground, takes me by my feet, in my dress – in my thong dress, in front of everybody – ‘Come on you cunt, get the fuck out of here, come on you slut, get the fuck out of here.’ I don’t know this guy,” – Bristol Palin.

At this point, of course, this is just an outtake from the old Jerry Springer show. And there really is nothing to add.

Except this: every time you see John McCain on television, remember that this is what he intended to bring within a heart beat of the presidency. This is the man’s judgment. As he lectures us about the need for more wars, and the Beltway media kowtows to his authority, remember that.

Update from a reader:

But do you know the quote that really jumped out at me? It was this collection of gems via Talking Points Memo’s transcript of the highlights. Emphasis mine:

“Did you find your necklace?” Sarah Palin said. “Track, that is such a God thing. See?”

“Track, that went to Iraq and Afghanistan,” Palin continued. “Let me see it. I can’t believe you found it. Let me put it in my pocket.”

As yelling and chatter continued all around, Palin kept focused on one thing.

“He found his necklace,” Palin said. “He found his St. George.”

Well hallelujah. That right there is why she’s the poster girl for the Christianists.  A “God thing” to Queen Esther is a drunken foul-mouthed son who after at least two bloody brawls manages to find his pretty necklace in the weeds. The Lord does work in mysterious ways.  Ye verily.

There’s just no end to the tawdry nothingness of Sarah Palin.

But another dissents:

Faithful reader here. If you want to drag Bristol Palin into it, you should be giving equal time to things like Joe Biden’s son being drummed out of the Navy for coke. I think your post on Bristol is kind of a cheap shot. Sarah Palin does enough egregious things all by herself.


Faithful reader here also (and new subscriber). There is no need to give “equal time” to Joe Biden’s son. Biden’s son has not written a book setting himself up as a model and public figure. Joe Biden was not partying with his son and involved in a fracas that called for police involvement. Joe Biden has also not set himself up as a moral scold. As far as I can see, neither Bristol nor Sarah Palin have had to be dragged into publicity.

Another adds, “Hunter Biden very quickly accepted responsibility for his actions; have you ever seen a Palin accept any responsibility for anything?”

Update: I expand on my thoughts here.