Face Of The Day

Cuchumatan Golden Toad

Above, photographer and conservationist Dr. Robin Moore captured the gaze of a Cuchumatan Golden Toad in Guatemala. Moore traveled to more than 20 countries looking for amphibians once thought to be extinct, a project he documented in the recently published In Search of Lost Frogs. Moore explains:

One of the things about amphibians that continues to enthrall me is the never-ending diversity of species, behaviors, colors, shapes and sizes. Pulling together this huge expedition also taught me how little we really know about the status of many of these animals in the wild. There are over 7,000 species of amphibians, more than 250 of which have not been seen in well over a decade — this is a humbling reminder that we are just scratching the surface in terms of knowing and understanding our world.

Pete Brook adds:

Moore is one of a growing number of photographers to raise awareness of the need for greater conservation and protection of threatened animals and habitats. He cites Cristina Mittermeier, James Balog, and Joel Sartore as particular influences, but is quick to celebrate everyone within the International League of Conservation Photographers. He hopes that his work, like theirs, will inspire others to take up the cause.

See more of Moore’s work at insearchoflostfrogs.com.