It kind of stunned me that Chris Hughes did not even attend the TNR editorial meeting this morning. If you’re going to do something this drastic, shouldn’t you at least have the decency to show up and deal with the fallout? Then this:

In an address to what remained of the New Republic staff on Friday, Vidra sought to quell the fears and provide encouragement, sources there said. Hughes, who was not in Washington for the meeting, assured the remaining staff, “I care about tradition.” They did not take questions.

No questions? Since when has anything at TNR not been haggled over to death? When you consider that Frank Foer also had to call Hughes to confirm that another person had already been hired as editor, the cowardice of all this is gob-smacking.

A reader adds an essential update:

This is completely off-topic, but it offends my geek sensibilities. The Lizza reference is completely ass-backwards. Not only was the only King present at the Red Wedding (King Robb) one of the stabbed, not the one doing the stabbing, but also the person that arranged the stabbings was not a king, was not present, and indeed the whole underlying message of the whole scene was just how much can be accomplished with the kind of skullduggery that comes with money, connections and soft/hard power. I.e., presumably, what Chris Hughes did.

Ryan needs to go watch Game of Thrones again, I think. Then read the books. And get a clue.