Pre-K Prejudice? Ctd

Several readers are skeptical over the conclusions drawn here: We know that by preschool differences in math and reading skills emerge between white and African-American students, so why shouldn’t we expect the same for behavioral issues? How does this research address the possibility that differences in home experience may create authentic differences in school behavior? Does this … Continue reading Pre-K Prejudice? Ctd

Pre-K Prejudice?

Harsher punishments for African-American students start in preschool, according to a new Department of Education analysis: Black children constitute 18 percent of all kids attending preschool but account for 48 percent of all students suspended more than once, the new data show. Across K-12 schools, black students represented 16 percent of the student population but 42 percent suspended … Continue reading Pre-K Prejudice?

A Nation Defined By White Supremacy? Ctd

More readers add their perspective to the thread: Even those born and raised here do not always readily grasp the “racial resonances” you write of. I’m a 40-year black man who was born and raised in the suburbs, to parents who came here from Jamaica. That upbringing shaped my view of the United States into … Continue reading A Nation Defined By White Supremacy? Ctd