Face Of The Day

From a photo series of people wearing the shirts of former lovers: When all else is gone, it is often the things we most take for granted that endure, like an old, torn t-shirt. For her collaboration with writer and actress Hanne Steen, photographer Carla Richmond collects intimate portraits of the brokenhearted, women wearing shirts left behind by ex-lovers. Hanging loosely about … Continue reading Face Of The Day

Love At A Distance

Maureen O’Connor questions the difficulties of long-distance relationships: A Queen’s University study recently found relationship-­satisfaction levels for long-distance and “geographically close” couples to be virtually indistinguishable on nearly all measures, including sexual satisfaction. Oddly enough, digital communication may actually be more romantic than face-to-face interaction: A study from Cornell University found that confessions made via one-on-one … Continue reading Love At A Distance

Dish Independence

Below are our posts regarding the Dish going independent, beginning with Andrew’s original announcement on January 2 and then followed by our coverage of the resulting commentary and conversation among readers and the blogosphere. To skip to the more detailed explanation of “The Dish Model” click here. Join us as a founding member here. Another … Continue reading Dish Independence

Music Of The Millennials

by Chris BodennerMany people consider my favorite musician, Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk), no musician at all.  In fact, certain stuffed shirts want to prosecute him for what he does.  That's because Girl Talk creates mash-ups: tracks that blend samples from other artists, usually without permission.  Mash-ups began as novelties, and most are just clever … Continue reading Music Of The Millennials