2012 Hathos Alert Of The Year Nominees

The Hathos Alert is for those moments when you want to look away but cannot. Hathos is the attraction to something you really can’t stand; it’s the compulsion of revulsion.

Below are the finalists we’ve selected for this year’s best Hathos Alert, please review them and then vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.


“Thank You Facebook Song” (May 18):

Sorry if we ruined your morning.


Vennu Mallesh (Sep 1):

Auto-tuning, one of our lesser cultural exports:


Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Anti-Masturbation Sign Language (Sep 10):

Jehovah’s Witnesses warn deaf people about the perils of masturbation, with a little assist from R. Kelly:

And yes, the original video is real.


“One Term More” (Sep 11):

Careful, this might compel you to vote Romney:

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It gets worse. From the creator:

To nearly everyone an RPM‘s a rev-per-minute. To me it’s a Rosa Parks Moment. Her decision to remain seated in December ’55 moved me to stand up in 2012. Like so many over the intervening years, I’ve taken inspiration from an unflinching American icon who said, “Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.” For me that seminal Moment occurred when Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke was viciously and repeatedly attacked on the air by a podium-pounding predator whose venomous remarks disgusted pretty much everyone within the sound of his voice. (I don’t know Ms. Fluke or her assailant.) More to the point – that predator’s driving the Republican bus and arguably no less menacing than the one Ms. Parks encountered 57 years ago.

Update from a reader:

To make matters worse, the students on the French barricades lost. This is a horrendous connection to make. Is Karl Rove making dirty tricks with showtunes now? 


Malkin Being Malkin (Sep 20):

Michelle Malkin goes off on Peggy Noonan, David Brooks and David Corn. She’s speaking from the heartland, apparently. A thing of beauty:

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I don’t remember Peggy Noonan or even David Brooks actually endorsing Obama, do you?


“Do The Paul Ryan” (Oct 10):

The top YouTube comment:

even though this was free to watch… can i have my money back?

Update from a reader, who asks, “In the end credits, it says the video was paid for by the 912 PAC – isn’t that Glenn Beck’s outfit?”  Yep.


South Dakota GOP Attack Ad (Oct 25):

A reader writes:

This is an amazing ad put together by the South Dakota GOP trashing a Dem congressional candidate for getting graduate degrees, studying in far-off places, and learning/writing/speaking about climate change. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

Update from another:

Thank you for the shout out to Matt Varilek’s Congressional campaign in South Dakota. The fact that Matt’s made the race close (5.7 behind in the latest poll) in a conservative state while getting NO financial support from the DCCC speaks to the kind of candidate he is. Hopefully some Dish readers find their way to his website and make a donation. You have to think that if the tide turns against the Tea Party in South Dakota, it’s surely a sign of its imminent decline. 


Fox News’ New Black Panther Cam (Nov 6):

Fox News goes hunting for Black Panthers:

A reader writes:

So let me get this straight – the guy is intimating voters by holding the door open for them?


Pat Robertson On Women’s Porn (Nov 9):

Pat Robertson is bored by your porn, ladies:


The Toilet That Flushes Everything (Dec 12):

Laura Northrup dug up the oddly meditative video: 

This gem has been lurking on YouTube for the world to discover. You might have this model of toilet in your home right now, and yet it never occurred to you to flush a pile of water wigglers or an entire pack of hot dogs. Because you are a sane person.

The key scene of American ridiculousness and excess of this video isn’t the kitty litter or the hot dogs, but has to be the chicken nuggets flushed to demonstrate the toilet’s superiority. They dump 56 chicken nuggets in. Not 50, and not even 55: 56.

I can’t quite get past the image of the large-size hot dogs heading into oblivion. But I may be revealing more than I want to …


Which Hathos Alert do you think was the best of 2012?

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