A Definition Of Sponsored Content

The NYT came up with one today: Mark Thompson, the company’s chief executive, highlighted digital advertising numbers, specifically noting growth in mobile and video ad sales, as well as native advertising, which are ads that resemble news articles. I can live with that definition. I just don’t know how the NYT lives with the reality … Continue reading A Definition Of Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content Watch

A reader says “it’s getting worse” and points to new evidence: “Good Morning America” interviewed model Gisele Bundchen and Olympic athlete Lindsey Vonn this week about their new Under Armour campaign, but not necessarily for the pure news or entertainment value of it all. At the end of a segment on Friday morning, a voiceover told … Continue reading Sponsored Content Watch

The NYT Caves Further To Sponsored Content

At first, they were never going to do it; then they were going to do it just a little, with very high standards; now, they’re lowering those standards so as to blur even further the difference between an advertisement and an article. And this is the crown jewel of American journalism: the New York Times. … Continue reading The NYT Caves Further To Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content Watch

A reader sends the above screenshot: Perhaps this has already become the style at other prestigious media outlets, but I think it’s somewhat remarkable that the editors at The New Republic didn’t see fit to tell readers upfront that the article is sponsored content. (I apologize if I’m late to the party on this particular … Continue reading Sponsored Content Watch

Sponsored Content Helps Brands, Hurts Publishers

“Readers don’t trust sponsored Content…” says sponsored content sponsored by sponsored content company Contently. pic.twitter.com/PNKyXtsMpk — Jack Marshall (@JackMarshall) July 28, 2014 At some point, the shoe was always going to drop on the scam that is “sponsored content” or “native advertising” or “enhanced advertorial techniques” or whatever bullshit word the industry needs to disguise … Continue reading Sponsored Content Helps Brands, Hurts Publishers

Readers Hate Sponsored Content

That’s the good news as the journalism industry morphs into a branch of public relations. A new study has followed up on Tony Haile’s evidence that no one reads the damn stuff anyway. Its findings? Two-thirds of readers have felt deceived upon realizing that an article or video was sponsored by a brand. 54 percent … Continue reading Readers Hate Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content Watch

A reader points up north: Your watchful eye on the metastasizing world of advertorials and so-called “native ads” is an essential counterpoint to what’s becoming an alarming trend, even outside of US borders. Case in point: a series of unmarked oil industry advertorials that recently made it to print in newspapers owned by Canada’s right-leaning … Continue reading Sponsored Content Watch

She Fought Against Sponsored Content

We’re rounding up as many assessments of Jill Abramson’s abrupt exit from the NYT as we can, so stay tuned. But one thing is worth recalling: Although both have denied it in public, Thompson and Abramson’s relationship spiraled down over the past year, as Thompson pressed ahead with plans to move the Times into native advertising. “She … Continue reading She Fought Against Sponsored Content