Peen Review, Ctd

NSFW, because Oz:

Readers point to some lesser-known shows and films with major peenage:

I love that this is a current thread! Check out Shortbus by John Cameron Mitchell (director of Hedwig and the Angry Inch) for some serious onscreen peen, and an overall excellent film about the city you love to hate: NYC.

Another adds regarding Shortbus, “How often in a non-porn, ‘art’, ‘indie’ movie do you see this much explicit sexual behavior that is clearly a legitimate part of the storytelling?” Many other readers sound off:

Given all that’s going on in the world, it seems a little weird to email you about boners on TV, but here are two notable instances that stand up – er – stand out:

Adam Scott getting a handy in HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me, and the masturbation scene in the French film Swimming Pool. I’m reluctant to link you to PornHub for clips, but of all the TV and movies I’ve seen, those are the only two times in somewhat mainstream setting that I’ve seen a boner on screen (even though Adam’s was a prosthetic and the one in Swimming Pool was just a semi in a banana hammock).

I wouldn’t include the gratuitous scene at the beginning of Antichrist because, well, awful movie.


FYI: Under The Skin, released this year and starring Scarlett Johansson, featured quite a few erect members. It was also a pretty great movie.


Outside of porn, I doubt any movie serves peen-hunting cinema fans more extravagantly than Stranger By the Lake. You’ve got soft peen, hard peen, young peen, old peen, blowjobs, cumshots, ubiquitous fucking, and even entire scenes that span minutes of dialog with peen front and center. It sounds gratuitous, but if you’re gonna make a grim, unnervingly quiet thriller about cruising, danger, and sexual obsession that has any semblance to reality, it’s gotta have plenty of peen.

And another:

I vote for the naked wrestling scene – Alan Bates and Oliver Reed – in Women in Love:

I saw the movie in Wellington, New Zealand, and when the dicks started flopping, one old lady behind whispered to her companion that it was so nice to see a real log fire.

Updates from several more readers:

The movie Angels and Insects has an erect penis at a big reveal (heh) in the film, where Mark Rylance walks in on his wife in bed with … someone she should NOT be sleeping with.  The shot of the erection makes the scene even more … gruesome (I’ll leave it at that).

Another erection:

OK, I have to weigh in, as no reader has picked up the most egregious “mainstream” example I know of: The Brown Bunny with Vincent Gallo and the usually delightful Chloe Sevigny.

Another points to more “peen on the screen”:

Offhand, I’d say the original Bear Cub (Cachorro) has bear ween during the opening credits too explicit for American theaters. But as far as the US: Robin Williams in Fisher King:


Go here for more SFW images of starpower peen, including Ewan McGregor and Kevin, er, Bacon. Another reader:

If the thread continues, we’d be remiss not to include Bob Hoskins’ nude scene from Mrs. Henderson Presents.

A final reader refers to the video in our previous post:

In The Crying Game, at the moment of reveal, it would have been more true to life had that penis been throbbingly erect, not hanging limply.

“Throbbingly erect” is a first for the Dish.

Aural Sex, Ctd

EJ Dickson profiles Nica Noelle, “a veteran porn director and performer turned ASMRtist”:

Nica has been interested in doing erotic ASMR [autonomous sensory meridian response] since she first stumbled on the community a few years ago. Her project, she tells me, is twofold: She wants to fuse the basic principles of ASMR with traditional POV porn, but she also wants to make the relationship between the viewer and performer more intimate; she wants to turn the viewer on, but she also wants them to feel nurtured, cared for, needed. In short, Nica is trying to capture a feeling that no other porn director has ever tried to replicate before: Love.

But, like some Dish readers, not everyone is thrilled with sexualizing ASMR:

[I]f the ASMR party line is that it’s not intended to be sexual, Nica’s channel, which features her massaging her breasts and speaking in low, seductive tones, doesn’t necessarily support that view point. …

Nica doesn’t have any patience with the argument that her erotic ASMR work makes mainstream ASMR-tists “look bad,” or invites male viewers to give them unwanted sexual attention. “It’s very simple: If you don’t want to add a sexual component to your artistic expression, then don’t,” she says. But she admits she was shocked by the backlash she received for her erotic ASMR channel, though she says she anticipated it to a certain extent.

“Many ASMRtists are already on the defensive about being viewed as doing something dirty or creepy, when actually they feel ASMR is a pure, almost childlike artistic expression; the antithesis of porn,” she told me via email. “I can see why someone who makes videos of themselves clipping coupons or shining shoes doesn’t want to be viewed as a pornographer.” …

As she talks about her new HotMovies project, which will likely feature “erotic ASMR” as a new fetish category, it seems that Nica’s general artistic project has switched focus somewhat: Instead of trying to convince the ASMR community at large that sexualizing brain tingles isn’t dirty or bad, she wants to convince porn viewers that porn isn’t necessarily dirty or bad, that it can be loving and intimate and nurturing and highly erotic, all at the same time. Put another way, she’s transitioned from trying to apply porn principles to ASMR, to applying ASMR principles to porn.

Previous Dish on ASMR here.

Generation Sext

In the latest Atlantic cover-story, Hanna Rosin explores the ubiquity of teen sexting:

A consistent finding is that sexting is a pretty good indicator of actual sexual activity. This year, enhanced-buzz-15911-1361559002-10researchers in Los Angeles published a study of middle-schoolers showing that those who sent sexts were 3.2 times more likely to be sexually active than those who didn’t. A story in the Los Angeles Times described the study as proof that “sexting is not a harmless activity.” But in fact the findings seem a little obvious. Since most kids who sext report doing so in the context of a relationship, it makes sense that sex and sexting would go together. As Amy Hasinoff, the author of the forthcoming book Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent, points out, “Sexting is a form of sexual activity,” not a gateway to it.

But kids also sext, or ask for a sext, or gossip about sexting, for reasons only loosely related to sex. A recent New York Times story explored the practice of “vamping,” or staying up after midnight to check in with friends online. The kids in Louisa County, like kids everywhere, are chronically overscheduled. They stay late at school to play sports or to take part in other after-school activities, then go home and do their homework. Nighttime is the only time teens get to have intimate conversations and freely navigate their social world, argues Danah Boyd, the author of It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens. For the Louisa County kids, that means checking up on the latest drama on Twitter—“Anyone still awake?” is a common post-midnight tweet—and filling up their Instagram accounts, or asking a girl for a pic.

Amanda Hess defines a loaded slang term Rosin encounters in her reporting:

A thot, for the uninitiated, is shorthand for a constellation of riffs on a central theme:

“that ho over there,” “that ho out there,” “thirsty hoes out there.” On the surface, it appears to be a synonym for slut. (And for rappers and Internet meme producers, it is conveniently both easy to rhyme and effortless to pun.) But the thot label is wielded to indicate class status as much as it refers to sexual activity. Thots are criticized based on sexual behavior, yes, but they’re more broadly identified via their consumption habits; this makes it possible to denounce them on sight even when their sexual histories remain private. …

The archetypical thot, as constructed through memes circulated on Instagram and Twitter, drinks cheap alcohol, eats Chipotle, uses a Metro PCS phone card, and shops at mall staple Aeropostale. She has a beauty mark piercing on her upper lip, just as the “tramps” who came before her sported tattoos on their lower backs. She is“grocery shopping in heels looking like” she’s “going to the EBT awards.” In their most absurd forms, thot memes position thotness as a quality that’s predestined from birth: A thot is named “Jasmine” or “Sasha,” and she stands 5-foot-1 to 5-foot-5. Most of the time, she’s black.

(Screenshot via Matt Stopera)

The Best Of The Dish Today

First up, the burning issue on everyone’s minds. Not Ebolisis – a strange pandemic in which the deaths of a handful of Westerners has caused an entire nation to brown its whites:


No, I mean the relative absence of wing-wangs on TV and the big screen. (All links in this post are NSFW, BTW.) Despite Trey Parker’s fascination with the remarkably few swinging dicks on Game of Thrones, there’s still an obvious double-standard for men and women. Boobs have long been everywhere, as the charming Seth McFarlane once reminded us at the Oscars; vaginas much less so – but still common in indie movies; bare butts are now ubiquitous. But even Lena Dunham only shows a somewhat comically deflated dick on the bathroom floor after her parents have an accident during shower sex. And in the most famous dick-shot in movie-history – although readers are more than welcome to correct me – it’s pretty dark and vague down there. 

But the pendulum seems to be swinging the other way, as this rather amusing chit-chat at TNR suggests. There’s a whole thread at Deadspin, it appears, called Athlete Dong, edited by a self-style “Dongbudsman” who features the unmissable, usually in spandex. (Yes, that was an hour down the drain this afternoon.) Then there was the great Jon Hamm package followed by the more recent jogging display by The Leftovers‘ Justin Theroux – and now some question whether Ben Affleck’s dick is in Gone Girl or not. And don’t forget the penis pioneering of Jason Segel. The Starz network is apparently in the lead, but

Showtime has also had their fair share of penises on display. One fellow in particular that comes to mind is Jody (Zach McGowan) on Shameless. Not only did we get a look, they even gave us a long close up. It was, shall we say, memorable. Overkill? Heck no! It was situational and it drove the plot, which is more than I can say for countless shots of female full-frontal nudity or breast shots.

The TNR writers have various points to make about this – is it feminism finally FTW? are dicks finally being treated as objectively as boobs? etc – but one factor seems obvious to me. The dick pic is what’s new. And the dick pic has begin to change the next generation’s views about views of wandering willies.

The Dish has long celebrated the wonderful, compassionate tumblr CritiqueMyDickPic (see here and here), as well as an art exhibit of such pics, and a YouTube called “Janet Looks At 89 Dicks“. And now the great Instagram account @thatlookslikeadick makes its Dish debut:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.42.38 PM

But the existence of all these is not (just) a function of my own curiosity, but primarily a small sign of the legion of penises marching around social media these days. Sexting has broken the taboo – for men as well as for women. Except, of course, most dick pics sent on Tinder or Grindr or whatever’r are erect, while almost all movie/TV shots are extremely flaccid, even moments after orgasm. That’s where we have yet to venture on TV. Where have you gone, Lena Dunham? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Earlier on the Dish today, we covered the pretty unforgivable lapses in treating Ebola cases in the US (and some truly foul electioneering by the GOP); we hailed a possible breakthrough in nuclear fusion and took issue with some whiny lefties over it; I had some real due process concerns about the new sexual consent law in California and Harvard (Conor FTW); and I noted a somewhat pathetic effort by the American bishops to re-translate Monday’s Relatio from Rome on welcoming gay people into the church in order … well, for us to feel less welcome. Plus: the latest liberal interventionist proposal for mission creep in the Syrian-Turkish-Kurdish Clusterfuck that Obama so foolishly got us into.

The most popular post of the day was Yes, This Is A Pastoral Revolution; followed by Codifying Consent, Ctd. And the most popular t-shirts publicizing the Election Day vote to legalize pot in Alaska, DC, and Oregon are here:


Buy the standard “Know Dope” t-shirt (seen on the left) here. Buy the DC one (on the right) here. That same design but with “Alaska” on it available here. And all you Oregonians out there, get your version here. Each version is just $20. All purchases help us keep this blog on the road. And don’t forget to email us a pic – with or without a dick – after your shirt arrives.

See you in the morning.

Fluid Dynamics, Ctd

A reader responds to a recent post on sexuality:

There’s “more likely to be” bisexual, and then there’s “more likely to self-identify as” bisexual, and there are more social and cultural impediments to self-identifying as bisexual if you happen to be male. In my opinion, one reason that’s the case is because female bisexuality isn’t perceived as a serious threat to straight male culture and dominance in the ways that lesbians, gay men, and male bisexuals are.

Lesbians threaten the assumed place of the necessary male: “Oh no! They don’t need men at all!” Gay males represent threats to masculinity, but are safe in other ways: “He might want to bang me, but he won’t steal mah woman!” So there can be grudging acceptance there. Male bisexuals are a double threat: “Oh no! They might make me an object of desire and compete with me for females!” The female bisexual, however, can be neatly fit into the category of unthreatened male gaze that Paris Hilton co-opted: “That’s hot!”

All of which is the male view, of course, which is only one part of it.

Another part of it is that, in my experience, there seems to be a greater level of acceptance for sexual fluidity – sorry, Vanessa, I don’t actually care much for the term “bisexual,” and I don’t think it’s a better word – among women by women than there is for sexual fluidity among men by men, which might have something to do with the way bisexuality brushes up against a kind of solidarity among women that doesn’t exist among men, because it doesn’t have to; men aren’t oppressed in the same way. (As an aside: I await the rise of gay and bisexual solidarity among the current crop of men’s rights activists with bated breath.)

There seems to be a combination of factors at work in male and female cultures that creates more space for the acceptance of female bisexuality – both as a personal experiment and as a long-term identity – than for male bisexuality. That in turn leads to a greater willingness to self-identify in studies and surveys. The arc of evolving attitudes expressed in surveys of the 20-and-under crowd gives me hope that this will continue to change for the better, but we’ve got a ways to go yet.

Another reader points to a relevant passage from Sex at Dawn, the fascinating book by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha on the evolutionary roots of sexuality:

The human female’s sexual behavior is typically far more malleable than the male’s. Greater erotic plasticity leads most women to experience more variation in their sexuality than men typically do, and women’s sexual behavior is far more responsive to social pressure. This greater plasticity could manifest through changes in whom a woman wants, in how much she wants him/her/them, and in how she expresses her desire. Young males pass through a brief period in which their sexuality is like hot wax waiting to be imprinted, but the wax soon cools and solidifies, leaving the imprint for life. For females, the wax appears to stay soft and malleable throughout their lives.

This greater erotic plasticity appears to manifest in women’s more holistic responses to sexual imagery and thoughts. In 2006, psychologist Meredith Chivers set up an experiment where she showed a variety of sexual videos to men and women, both straight and gay. The videos included a wide range of possible erotic configurations: man/woman, man/man, woman/woman, lone man masturbating, lone woman mas- turbating, a muscular guy walking naked on a beach, and a fit woman working out in the nude. To top it all off, she also included a short film clip of bonobos mating.

While her subjects were being buffeted by this onslaught of varied eroticism, they had a keypad where they could indicate how turned on they felt. In addition, their genitals were wired up to plethysmographs. Isn’t that illegal? No, a plethysmograph isn’t a torture device (or a dinosaur, for that matter). It measures blood flow to the genitals, a surefire indicator that the body is getting ready for love. Think of it as an erotic lie detector.

What did Chivers find? Gay or straight, the men were predictable. The things that turned them on were what you’d expect. The straight guys responded to anything involving naked women, but were left cold when only men were on display. The gay guys were similarly consistent, though at 180 degrees. And both straight and gay men indicated with the keypad what their genital blood flow was saying. As it turns out, men can think with both heads at once, as long as both are thinking the same thing.

The female subjects, on the other hand, were the very picture of inscrutability. Regardless of sexual orientation, most of them had the plethysmograph’s needle twitching over just about everything they saw. Whether they were watching men with men, women with women, the guy on the beach, the woman in the gym, or bonobos in the zoo, their genital blood was pumping. But unlike the men, many of the women reported (via the keypad) that they weren’t turned on. As Daniel Bergner reported on the study in The New York Times, “With the women . . . mind and genitals seemed scarcely to belong to the same person.” Watching both the lesbians and the gay male couple, the straight women’s vaginal blood flow indicated more arousal than they confessed on the keypad. Watching good old-fashioned vanilla heterosexual couplings, everything flipped and they claimed more arousal than their bodies indicated. Straight or gay, the women reported almost no response to the hot bonobo-on-bonobo action, though again, their bodily reactions suggested they kinda liked it.