Rabinowitz’s Spleen

Look: I can’t stand Mayor Bloomberg. He has a classic Napoleon complex – and is completely sure he knows what’s best for everyone. His recent outburst of unreason and prejudice in defense of his beloved program of ruining countless young black men’s lives by stopping and frisking them for a joint (which is much healthier than alcohol) drove me up the wall. And I have to say that, despite being an avid cyclist in Washington, there is no way on earth I would ride a Citibike in New York City. I’m not suicidal. This is a town where cars run pedestrians down on crosswalks where the pedestrian has the light. Yes, I could bike down the Hudson River Park, but that’s about it in Manhattan. Friends say otherwise – Rick Hertzberg loves cycling in Manhattan and is still very much alive. But I’m still spooked.

Nonetheless, the bike share program is obviously a great development in a city which now has enough bike lanes to limit the carnage. And it is healthier for you to ride a bike than, say, the subway – although my lungs have been unable to function properly since the pollen hit. The bike stands look great, the system is working, and it enhances the freedom of everyone by giving them a new way to get around, without getting your bike stolen.

Along comes Dorothy Rabinowitz. Check out the full hilarious rant here. For her, the whole thing is fascism:

“Do not ask me to enter the minds of the totalitarians running this city.”

Totalitarian? I agree he’s a meddling nanny. But Stalin or Hitler or Mao? It’s an insight into the worldview of the WSJ editorial board – and a sign of just how nuts mainstream conservatism has become.