Bloomberg vs Science And Freedom

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Speaks To Progressive Jewish Group

The self-satisfied, self-righteous and self-appointed nanny of anyone he can get his administrative hands on is at it again. Here he is denying any scientific basis for medical marijuana – claiming that it’s actually a “hoax” – and alleging that it leads to dependency – with no evidence – and then using the pathetic argument that because marijuana is more potent today, it is somehow more dangerous. He has no evidence for that either. There is now a huge amount of data proving marijuana’s key help in addressing a variety of medical conditions that no other drug can yet match.

The man just despises freedom, as anyone living in his nanny-city of New York can attest. And his enthusiasm for the stop and frisk police policy for marijuana possession now makes more sense, doesn’t it? He’s enforcing morals and health using the police force in the crudest manner possible. He’s a Prohibitionist of the crudest, dumbest kind.

But the strangest argument is the following:

“Drug dealers have families to feed,” Bloomberg said.  “If they can’t sell marijuana, they’ll sell something else.” Bloomberg says that “something else” will be worse than pot.

I don’t really know where to start with that, do you? His office tried to backtrack:

An aide later told the NY Post that the mayor is concerned that recreational users would be able to access a system intended only for those with medical needs.

So he wants to abolish medical marijuana? Why does that argument not lead directly to the case for legalizing and regulating and taxing it? And he said that medical marijuana was a “hoax.” Does he stand by that statement? Or is he now in Bachmann territory? Anything to control the lives of others, even if it means throwing vast numbers of young black men in jail for merely having a joint on them, thereby ruining their futures because they dare to enjoy something far less harmful than alcohol.

(Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty)