Some great feedback. Thanks. A couple of points. Some have queried whether tolerance of heterosexual pedophilia is as prevalent among straights as tolerance of homosexual pedophilia among gays. The answer, I think, is that, for the most part, straights are far more indulgent of pedophilia than gays. Let me cite one example, which is a little more mainstream than an obscure American Psychological Association paper. Last year’s multiple Oscar winner, ‘American Beauty,’ had as its central plot a middle-aged man’s sexual attraction for his daughter’s cheer-leader class-mate. This won plaudits from the entire world, and, so far as I know, not a single dissent from its apparent tolerance of pedophile inclinations. (The merciful denouement was the man’s decision not to have sex with his daughter’s friend). Was that pedophilia chic? Surely it was. So why no mention in Eberstadt’s piece? Because it couldn’t be used to demonize homosexuals. Almost every day, I get unsolicited emails inviting me to look at teenage girls on pornographic websites. Not good marketing, I grant you. But Eberstadt has nothing to say about this, despite being hysterical about consensual sexual relations between legal gay teens. Have you taken a look at one of the most popular music stars of our time, Britney Spears? She’s a walking advertisement for pedophilia – a sexualized teen pin-up appealing to older and younger men. Does Eberstadt honestly believe that the footnotes of obscure gay periodicals are more culturally influential than Britney Spears? Of course she doesn’t, but when you’re simply trying to smear people, why let reality get in the way?