Two late entries in the hetero pedophilia craze. A friend reminds me of Jon-Benet Ramsey and the little girl pageant circuit. Can you imagine a similar pageant for boys? These shows essentially involve dressing up, sexualizing and then parading children as objects of desire and beauty. Since the full extent of these pageants’ existence was exposed in the Ramsey case, was there an outcry over the pedophile overtones? Nuh-uh. Can you conceive of a pageant which dressed up little boys in thongs or erotic costumes and gave them grades for how hot they were? Not exactly. And yet, as Eberstadt implies, girls are even more vulnerable to experiencing violation in this fashion than boys. On the movie front, how about last summer’s hilarious teen-age movie, American Pie. The climax is a teenage boy finally making it with his best friend’s mother. Budweisers all round! The movie was a mainstream hit, especially with teenage boys. Oh, well, never mind. Bashing gay men is far more acceptable to the editors of the Weekly Standard.