Late entry in the Begala Awards for over-written lefty angst goes to my friend, Katha Pollitt, who still can’t get over W’s victory. Life in this capitalist hell-hole is so bad, who can blame Pierre Salinger for staying in France?: ‘[A]ccording to Newsweek, there are now 1 million slaves in America, mostly women and girls–cleaning houses, making clothes, servicing men sexually to pay off traffickers and pimps. Ask yourself what kind of man would fuck a slave, some Chinese or Albanian or Thai teenager in a plywood cubicle with a mattress on the floor. Do you think he cares if you write a letter to your congressman? Maybe he is your congressman… ‘If there’s a depression, will we have enough money?’ Sophie asks as we turn out the light. ‘Don’t worry about it,’ I say. ‘Everything will be fine. We can always sing in the subway.”- The Nation, January 22. Oh come on, Katha. If worst comes to worst, I’m sure you could get a gig at the American Prospect.