Hitch scores a home-run on this one. Are we the only two people who think Clinton’s crimes were far, far worse than Condit’s sins?

PIGS FLY: Could it be that the gay left is waking up? This following passage could have been written by yours truly: “The bottom line is that GLAAD has more in common than not with right-wing, religion-based groups that have railed against such works as Terrence McNally’s Corpus Christi and Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ. In condemning Dogma, a film about two renegade angels who have been kicked out of heaven (played by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck), the Catholic League was, in essence, saying that there is only one correct way to represent Christian beliefs. GLAAD, in condemning Jay and Silent Bob, is claiming that there is only one correct way to represent homosexuality through art. If the former is religious fundamentalism, the latter is sexual-identity fundamentalism.” In fact, it’s by Michael Bronski, a far-left activist, who delighted in trashing my private life earlier this year. Has he received new instructions from the Red Guard?

SHARPTON’S THUGS: A very similar piece to Rod Dreher’s about the weird excess of Aaliyah’s funeral and media hype has been written in Salon. I doubt whether Sharpton will call out his hoodlums for this one. It doesn’t serve his political agenda in New York. Which only makes his persecution of Rod Dreher that much more disgraceful.

LETTERS: Why Rod Dreher is a boor; why I’m a sell-out; why Trudeau is a wimp; etc.