I probably shouldn’t write this right now since I am literally shaking with anger. A memorial service for San Francisco’s victims of the World Trade Center massacre was essentially hijacked by America-haters. San Francisco supervisor Amos Brown took advantage of the occasion – in front of families of the victims – to deliver an anti-America tirade. Paul Holm, the partner of Mark Bingham, the heroic gay rugby player who may well have played a part in downing one of the planes in Pennsylvania, stormed off the stage in protest. “America, America,” Brown ranted. “What did you do — either intentionally or unintentionally — in the world order, in Central America, in Africa where bombs are still blasting? America, what did you do in the global warming conference when you did not embrace the smaller nations? America, what did you do two weeks ago when I stood at the the world conference on racism, when you wouldn’t show up? Ohhhh — America, what did you do?” As the leftist crowd cheered, Paul went over to Senator Dianne Feinstein and said to her “This was supposed to be a memorial service.” He also went up to Senator Barbara Boxer and Governor Gray Davis and told them he thought Brown’s remarks were a disgrace, as they truly were. Then he quit the stage, and will always be forced to remember his husband’s memorial service as a place of anger and despair. Brown’s sentiments are completely inappropriate in any case. But to express them in front of grieving spouses, people who may well not share Brown’s hideous politics, is simply vile. (To her great credit, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, hardly a conservative, disowned and criticized Brown’s remarks.) Maybe it’s because I know some of Bingham’s friends who do not share this perverted politics that I feel so angry right now. I feel as if this hero has been violated after his death. What on earth could possess people to do this at a moment like that?

AMPLIFICATION: The quote from James Dobson cited in a previous item has not been confirmed. It was posted on a gay news service but there is no independent confirmation. I’m trying to nail it down with a second citation, but until I do, I’ll remove it.