The lead editorial today, completely overlooking the extremist nature of the organizers of the “anti-war” marches this weekend, amounts to propaganda. No mention that the main organizing group supported Milosevic, and has kind words to say about North Korea. No mention of the burning of American flags, vandalism against government offices, Bush = Hitler slogans. No mention of the relatively small turnout, compared to previous marches, nor to polls showing continued concern about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (something the march’s organizers have called a hoax.) What we get is this absurd Orwellianism:

It was impressive for the obvious mainstream roots of the marchers – from young college students to grayheads with vivid protest memories of the 60’s.

In their editorials, the Times routinely nods toward the need to enforce U.N. resolutions against Iraq. But you know where Howell Raines really stands.