What a surprise that the Stanford and Columbia professor, Nicholas de Genova, is also on the record about other matters:

Once before in his time at Columbia has De Genova incited critics by making political statements that he says were taken out of context. During a pro-Palestinian sit-in in the April of last year, he stated at an open microphone, “The heritage of the victims of the Holocaust belongs to the Palestinian people. The state of Israel has no legitimate claim to the heritage of the Holocaust. The heritage of the oppressed belongs to the oppressed–not the oppressor.”

Yes, it all comes down to the Jews, doesn’t it? But notice de Genova’s impeccable Ivy League credentials. These are the far left extremists who now dominate many humanities departments in many top-notch schools. And notice also from this piece de Genova’s explanation: these remarks were taken “out of context.” In what context would they be ok?