Sorry. I got the link wrong yesterday. But here’s one to Jonah’s grown-up column. Money quote:

Earlier this month, Attorney General John Ashcroft reportedly tried to cancel a scheduled Gay Pride Month celebration at the Department of Justice for lesbian and gay employees. He failed. Despite pressure from social conservative activists, DOJ reversed course in the face of protests from gay groups and a sympathetic media (and, probably, pressure from the White House). When the most famous and powerful member of the Religious Right in the U.S. government can’t stop a gay pride event in his own office building, held by his own employees, you know that social conservatives are losing this fight.

He calls for magnanimity in victory from the gay side. I agree. But victory still isn’t here in the sense of formal legal equality. It’s approaching, I think. And certainly the generational trends suggest that the future belongs to gay integration. But until marriage rights are achieved, and military service is allowed, full citizenship will still be elusive for gay Americans. But here’s a promise: once that equality is achieved, I’ll shut up. No, I won’t go silent on my sexual orientation when it seems appropriate. But I can’t wait to take yes for an answer, to make sexual orientation a non-issue, to move on to other issues, and get on with our lives. I want to shut the gay civil rights movement down. Just not before equality. But the second afterwards. Deal?