Paul Cella puts his finger on something about this president: for a privileged scion, his instincts are quite democratic. I liked this insight:

And thus the democracy is happy; indeed it is grimly amused and even heartened. It hears, “bring ’em on,” followed by a predictable round of hand-wringing and fatuous commentary, and it thinks, “He’s one of us”; or at least, and perhaps equally appealing, “He’s not one of them.” And I think it is this naturally democratic camaraderie (and it is important to note that it is quite natural) conveyed by President Bush, which immunizes him to charges of aristocratic irresponsibility by his opponents. The charges are too discordant with reality. To believe that Mr. Bush is a foolish aristocrat, men have to almost believe that they themselves are foolish aristocrats; and if Mr. Bush is indeed irresponsible, which he may well be, it is far nearer to the truth to say that he is a foolish democrat.

It’s also smart strategy as well – fighting terrorists on our terms, not theirs’. Tommy Franks gets it, of course.

MULLAHS’ JITTERS: The Iranian dictators begin to get nervous. Jeff Jarvis, as usual, is on the case. The Iranian has a piece on the vast wealth being accumulated by the theocrats. And the regime’s elites keep testing missiles that threaten Israel and the region. Their only hope of survival is a nuclear capacity. Our only hope for stability in that part of the world is to stop them getting it.

THE SAVAGE TRUTH: Every small thing I heard about Michael Savage deterred me from inquiring further. But it was perfectly clear that he was a lout, a loudmouth, a bigot for hire, and a significant part of what is wrong with the far right. The amazing thing is not that he no longer has a big job at MSNBC. The amazing thing is that he ever had a job in the first place.

COULTER’S LAW ARTICLE: It’s been retrieved from the archives – a close look at Ann Coulter circa 1987. And, of course, it’s been blogged.

EMAIL OF THE DAY: “A vinegar toast to Ann Coulter and Michael Savage for supporting the worst stereotypes of conservatives. I’m a religious person, and I believe that sodomy is a sin. I also believe that fornication and adultery are sins, but I don’t believe that a society that no longer punishes heterosexual sins has any moral claim left for punishing homosexual ones.” – more insightful feedback on the Letters Page.