The interesting thing about Ted Rall is that he reminds us of something we have forgotten – that a measurable swathe of the anti-Iraq war crowd were also against the war to topple the Taliban and uproot al Qaeda’s base of operations. In fact, opposition to the war in Afghanistan was intense in far left circles in early 2002. Rall is someone who craves and shouldn’t get more attention, but his views from an interview last year are revealing:

“My theory is that essentially, people don’t like to think they’re living in a country that’s led by an evil, dictatorial madman. But they are, they are living in Nazi Germany, in Stalinist Russia.”

And this:

“Bush’s whole tactic has been to throw so much shit at the wall in an average news cycle that potential political opponents have no idea how to react. In the end, what’s the issue here? Is it really war against Iraq? That’s an issue. But where were these same protesters for the war against Afghanistan, which was every bit as illegal and wrong-headed and immoral as the war against Iraq?”

Rall is a member of the Black Helicopter crowd on the far left. He does not represent most liberals, let alone most Democrats. But that offers them an opportunity to condemn him. Why has, say, Salon not weighed in? Why has Slate not barred his work permanently from their site? If National Review could can Coulter, the mainstream left can certainly can Rall. My bet is: they won’t. Nothing should be allowed to detract from the war against Bush. Not even elemental decency and taste.