More evidence of the corruption behind the U.N.’s food-for-oil program in Iraq. Saddam never had it so good – thanks to the French and Russians.

BULL MOOSE FOR KERRY: Marshall Wittmann, who ran the website ‘Bull Moose’ before leaving to work for John McCain, is now working at the DLC. And, as a Teddy Roosevelt fan and McCain Republican, he’s voting for Kerry. Here’s why. Money quote:

Anyone who was involved in the 2000 McCain campaign, as I was, knows exactly who is responsible for the “Swift boat” slime attack on Senator Kerry — in Bush World, all low roads lead to Rove.
When I was at the Christian Coalition, I witnessed first-hand the alliance of the deregulation, no-tax crowd with the religious conservatives. Ironically, the rank and file of the religious right are hardly the country club set. They are largely middle-class Americans who don’t rely on trust funds or dividend checks for their livelihoods. But the leaders of the religious right have betrayed their constituents by failing to champion such economic issues as family leave or access to health insurance, which would relieve the stresses on many working families. The only things the religious conservatives get are largely symbolic votes on proposals guaranteed to fail, such as the gay marriage constitutional amendment. The religious right has consistently provided the ground troops, while the big-money men have gotten the goodies.
The realization that the religious right had essentially become a front for the money men of the Republican Party was a primary source of my disenchantment with that movement. And without a doubt, the GOP has merely become a vehicle for unbridled corporate power. Such a party cannot provide a home for a movement that strives for national greatness.

Deep down, this is probably what McCain believes as well.