One reason some people might get over their fiscal concerns about Kerry is that most observers seem to agree that the Congress is likely to stay Republican after November 2. That means that Kerry is unlikely to be able to afford his big healthcare package and may be forced, like Clinton, into getting serious about deficit reduction. One thing we do know is that unified Republican government means vast new spending increases, and the collapse of fiscal discipline. I’d be just as terrified by unified Democratic government, mind you (although we wouldn’t have to deal with excrescences like the FMA). Divided government, in other words, is perhaps the only real mechanism we have – apart from a constitutional amendment to balance the budget – to restrain the politicians in D.C. from spending even more of our money. My advice: if you’re voting Bush, think seriously about pulling the Dem lever for the House and Senate; vice-versa for the Kerry backers. The last thing we want is to give either of these guys the carte blanche Bush has had for four fiscally ruinous years.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “If we were to sum up where we have ended up after four years of the Intifada, [we would find that] there are three opinions: the first opinion is that after the killing of 1,000 Israelis in the Intifada, Israel would collapse, as would Sharon; the second opinion is that the armed Intifada would liberate the homeland; the third opinion is that the Intifada would bring the settlements to a halt. An examination [of the matter] shows that Sharon did not fall. On the contrary, he has become the most popular [leader] in the history of Israel, after having been subjected to condemnations in Israel. On the same note, all of the Palestinian lands are now occupied and vulnerable, and the settlements have nearly doubled. We damaged our relations with the Americans and with Israeli public opinion; the latest statement from the Quartet is an additional indication of what has become of us.” – former Palestinian Authority prime minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

GAYS N GUNS: Glenn has an interesting post. I’m basically against gun control and for gay rights – for much the same reason. Liberty, and all that.