Around 400 emails of support have poured in. Thank you so much. I’ve decided to post them all – or as many as I can physically copy and paste – onto the Letters Page, which has been in hiatus for a while. Give me more time to get them up. AOL is making it difficult to forward them all in bulk right away, but I’ve been able to send dozens already and I am told they are making a difference. Within a day, I should be able to forward them all. If you want to send Ian an email of support, email If you need reminding why, here’s Fishback’s letter of conscience to Senator John McCain. Fishback and McCain are two critical figures of integrity who can save us from the moral nightmare that Bush and Rumsfeld have created – whether by design or incompetence. They need our help. If you’re a blogger and want to help, please advertize the email adddress.