The Weekly Standard has a great summary of some of the juicier bits from the Bremer memoir (and by ‘memoir,’ I don’t mean the current publishing view that this includes complete fiction). Both Bremer and Powell – let’s call them the Sanity Chorus – were insistent that an occupation that couldn’t even control Baghdad was woefully under-manned. Powell emerges as a real hawk in arguing to take out Moqtada al-Sadr. Rumsfeld seems absolutely indifferent to reality on the ground, contemptuously unresponsive to Bremer, and eager to downsize the mission at every moment. The evidence is beginning to mount, it seems to me, that Rumsfeld ran this war. His arrogance, pig-headedness, ideological fixations, and sheer incompetence are what have led us into our current knife-edge position, and are indirectly responsible for the deaths of the 30,000 innocent civilians who died because the occupying power decided – yes, consciously decided – to let mayhem rule. In this, Bush is responsible. He appointed Rumsfeld. And he has kept him on. I don’t see how anyone can have much confidence in war-management until he is removed.

IN RESPONSE TO ROSS: I’m aware of the Christian doctrine of the Fall implies that continued human suffering is ultimately a consequence of original sin. I was unaware that this doctrine included the notion that original sin caused the weather.

– posted by Andrew.