An emailer concurs:

“I think for a lot of people in the center, what party loyalty they have is based on which extreme they fear or dislike more: The religious right or the radical left.
Personally, I often disagree with the religious right — I’m a social and cultural libertarian — but I’ve never considered them to be anathema. For me it’s the radical left personified by Dean, Kennedy, Cindy Sheehan,, etc. that I find so repellent to keep me supporting GOP candidates.
However, give me a viable center party that believes in defending the nation and practicing social tolerance and I’ll be there supporting it. Problem is, the key word is “viable.” Until then, I remain a reliable Republican voter, if only to keep the Deans and Ted Kennedys of the nation out of power.”

Yes, there’s nothing so valuable to George W. Bush and the religious right than Daily Kos, and Ted Kennedy. What would he do without them?